Renewable Energy promotion and production
Research on International, EU and Italian renewable energy policy and legislation. Legal support in drafting the primary and secondary laws in the renewable energy sector. Analysis of the national support schemes as well as the legal framework for the promotion of energy from renewable sources. Analysis of legal and economic issues related to localization of renewable power plants, with regard to the NIMBY (“Not In My Back Yard”) and PIMBY (“Please In My Back Yard”) syndromes

Energy Efficiency
Research on economic and legal policies and instruments to promote eco-innovation related to energy efficiency. Analysis on the implementation of incentives and other support schemes for the promotion of energy efficiency. Investigation on the rebound-effects deriving from increased energy efficiency and related solutions

Environmental Kuznets Curve for Energy
Research on the relationship between income growth and energy consumption and production. Empirical evaluation of the decoupling hypothesis using energy data. Application to different geographical contexts of the decomposition approach for the analysis of the sustainability of the current energy system

Oil supply and the Hubbert Curve
Research on the relationship between the inter-temporal evolution of global pollution and of the supply of fossil fuels. Analysis of the oil market and its volatility. Focus on fossil fuels price and the internalization of their negative externalities; the optimal transition policies from exhaustible to renewable resources; technological progress and the future market structure of the renewable energy sources