R.E.Ne.W. (Renewable energy Network)

Renewable energy sources are experimenting a period of great increase worldwide, playing an everyday more relevant role in the energetic balance.
The energy-climate package proposed by the European Commission in January 2008 identifies three targets for the 2020: a reduction of at least 20% in greenhouse gases by 2020 (rising to 30% in case of an international agreement committing other developed countries to “comparable emission reductions and economically more advanced developing countries to contributing adequately according to their responsibilities and respective capabilities”), a 20% improvement of energy efficiency and a 20% share of renewable energies in EU energy consumption by 2020, including a target of 10% of biofuels of overall petrol and diesel consumption.
In this scenario, the Project R.E.Ne.W. aims at the development of a network of operators involved in the field of renewable energy sources promotion and production in Tuscany, in particular southern Tuscany. In fact, in such a regional framework, characterized by a high potential for the exploitation of renewable energy sources, it emerges the urgent need to create a network among all the subjects operating in this context, in a perspective of an efficient synergy between economic development and environmental protection.
The basic idea of the Project R.E.Ne.W. is the promotion of a dedicated network of operators including all the major local actors engaged in this field, which could become a reference point to address the outstanding challenges in a mid and long term perspective.
The Interdepartmental Centre REPROS, with its legacy of economic, legal and environmental competences, carried out the contextual analysis for the perspective members of the network, with the aim of developing a common sustainable governance and promote a joint technological foresight.
In particular, the Interdepartmental Centre REPROS contributed to the Project R.E.Ne.W. through an in depth analysis of the status of the art under European Union Law as well as national Law in the renewable energy sector and a reasoned search in the same field at a national level. Moreover, building on the results of such an analysis, REPROS provided some specific guidelines on the perspectives in the application and further development of the legal framework for energy and energy efficiency in the Region of Tuscany.