Evoluzione, modelli e regolazione della sostenibilità (Evolution, Patterns and Regulation of Sustainability)


University of Siena, S. Niccolò – April 19, 2012

In the framework of the course Sustainability: a culture which arises from good practices, organised by the Uni.D.E.A. group, Professor Massimiliano Montini and Professor Simone Borghesi held the following seminar:
“Evolution, Patterns and Regulation of Sustainability”

Download the abstract of the seminar



La sostenibilità come fattore di sviluppo (Sustainability as a means of development)


University of Siena, Aula Magna – April 18, 2012

The President (Professor Alessandro Vercelli) and the Deputy Director (Professor Simone Borghesi) of the Center REPROS participated in the seminar “Sutainability as a means of development” organised by the network NESSO, giving the following lectures:

Professor Alessandro Vercelli
Sustainability and the crisis

Professor Simone Borghesi
From Rio 1992 to Rio+20-two (un)sustainable decades

The Director of the Center REPROS, Professor Massimiliano Montini, participated in the roundtable of the seminar.



Inflation and poverty: evidence from Ethiopia


University of Siena, Faculty of Political Science – January 11, 2012

The Interdepartmental Centre REPROS and the Chair of Apllied Economics of the Faculty of Political Science organized the following seminar:
“Inflation and poverty: evidence from Ethiopia” held by Elisa Ticci, University of Siena.
Introduction of Professor Simone Borghesi, Vice-Director of REPROS.

Download the article of Elisa Ticci Can inflation be a good thing for the poor? Evidence from Ethiopia